At The End Of The Day

At the end of the day, we finish feeding our two and four legged friends, brush the hay from our clothes and hair, take a deep breath of cool, fresh Nevada evening air…. and feel all is right with the world.

We may grab a beer a soda or a bottle of water, prop up our feet and listen. All the hustle and bustle of the barnyard chatter as settled ad the only thing to be heard is a sharp blowing of air to clear out the hay dust, and chewing. Contentment is enveloping the ranch.  A natural form of taps is played as the chortle of the hens jockeying for roosting position goats having a final frolic before dark and Miss Pig rooting in her blankets making a nest.

I believe this scene, played daily at our little ranch is God’s blessing. Reward for the stewardship of the caring for his creatures. I can feel my body relax, as the day slips into darkness in an awesome display of colors in the setting sun.

We were out with the animals to greet the day and as it ends, we are again in the barnyard.

Living the dream.sunset1